Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reapermanser Tape Review and Others

by Manny Gomez

This tape’s been out for a couple months now (, and these young lads have been thrashing, perspiring, and causing chaos in Miami for a while, so this review is slightly overdue, but we're doing it anyway. Bringing to mind the early Bay Area and 80’s thrash (Exodus, Obitury, fucking Overkill) these boys seem to soak their songs in beer, pizza, clouds of various smoke, and party sweat. That live energy is totally summoned in the six rage filled thrashers that are featured on this well put together piece of analog packaging (the yellow tape is just a GREAT color; the cover art is classic and brings to mind authentic old school metal art). The song that stands out: “Cuz I’m Fucking Broke” (I mean who reading this can't relate to that, huh?). Anyways, purchase a tape of their's on this very here site. Then go get a cheap beer.


Other reviews

Siamese Twins- Still Corner
I came across this great band's newest LP on the very awesome CUT & PASTE blog ( and fell right in love with it. It's moody, ethereal, dreamlike poppy, and reminiscent of the shoegazey, My Bloody Valentine, with a touch of goth/post-punk sounds. That aside, Siamese Twins are not scared to pick up the tempo, like on their track, "Alone," an almost CUB like power-pop beat, and my personal favorite song. Get it now at at give yourself a nice break from all the grinding and/or power violencing!

Alx Czo- She Is a Galaxy
In full disclosure, Alex Cazo is an old friend and I’ve heard him DJ and play music several times. However, his latest self-released tape, “She Is A Galaxy,” is all new to these ears. And boy, is it really beautiful. Instrumental and lush, the music seems like a soundtrack for flowing through space as a disembodied consciousness. That’s really the best way to describe this great tape, that for two days now has helped me drift away over a cup of hot coffee. You can get this tape, and one other release “Mujeres Infieles” at Sweat Records in Miami or Radio-A-ctive in Ft. Lauderdale.

Earth Girls- Wrong Side of History
The new Earth Girls 7” on Grave Mistake and Drunken Sailor Records is just about the best summer record you could get. Girl fronted pop-punk that bounces along fast and fun (the whole record clocks in at under seven minutes) and it’s so addictive you just wanna flip it over and start it again. This is a good selection for fans of Discount, The Fastbacks, and just about anyone who wants a fun, plucky record to bounce to.

Holy - Seclusion MMXIV 12'' EP
I couldn’t end a run of reviews without some good new power violence, and these Italian dudes rip through a layer of crust with a pulverizing power violence sound that will have you punching things and hating life as the songs fly by in seconds. This is another band I found on CUT & PASTE (, and you can check out most of their stuff on there as well. Get this release, their latest, as it’s fresh, new, and powerful.

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