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For as long as humans have been making progress and as certainly as procreation has aided us in evolution, we have been expressing our passions, loves, and desires.  Just as we’ve historically pioneered, seeking new and alternative ways to give life to and share our ideas, we have innately in our nature as humans, sought to fulfill personal spiritual, emotional, and physical pleasures with innovation. 
Human sexuality has typically been defined by cultural traditions and social standards according to varying time periods and regions.  A brief look into any distant place or era reveals almost anything imaginable has been observed, tried, modified, chastised, damned, worshipped, and most of all, enjoyed.  Prevalence of accessible technology, mainly the internet, has provided a glorious window to many once secret, sacred, ancient rituals we have come to regard more commonly and remotely as “just sex.”
This portal has provided opportunities to explore many exotic arenas, however, it has encouraged solitary self indulgence and fostered seclusion.  Having illuminated all kinds of acts once kept in the dark and opened forum for enunciation of any and every fantasy, this has virtually brought us closer while also distancing us from each other.  America’s attitude toward sensuality lies skewed somewhere between primitive African tribal customs, hijabs of Iran, lax European sentiments, and Amsterdam’s Red Light District.  While we are blessed with freedoms many lack, we are still shackled by paradigm of patriarchy and shielded by the veil of our puritanical ancestry.
Luckily, Miami is bustling and bursting with a multitude of communities, civilizations and lifestyles, and being a major city, tends to boost open-mindedness and tolerance.
There’s nothing like erotic art to bring the human form out for open celebration.  The World Erotic Art Museum -  1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach has offered it’s private collection for visual stimulation since 2005.  For a slightly more interactive experience, browsing any adult store provides in the very least amusement and hopefully insight and arousal.  It always piques my interests to see peruse the shelves for latest state of the art novelty items.   Most stores come with an eager sales staff, willing to explain how their products work .   The Naughty Rooster - 1671 Alton Rd, Miami Beach is one of my favorite spots to browse, most likely because they are one of few shops that cater to my latex fetish!  Also, while you’re there you can pick up tickets to any of Miami’s monthly fetish parties!   I always considered it a compliment when people said I was a freak, and this is where the freaks come to get down!  For the inquisitive and curious, these events provide a positive atmosphere, void of judgement, where anyone can come to witness the uninhibited play and explore in their own comfort zone. 
Fetish Factory has been throwing parties in South Florida for 18 years!  They have hosted the some of the most exclusive avant-garde affairs in the country featuring world renowned entertainers and acts.
Although FF has hosted their bashes in the Magic City in the past, they are based in Fort Lauderdale where their store-front is located at 855 East Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale and their events can be held at various bars and clubs anywhere from South Beach to Boca. 
A number of similar soirees have sprung up over the years with the same motives including Electrolust in Hollywood hosted by Josepher Ringleader, Submission in South Beach hosted by Robert Frost, Legion and The Kitchen in Miami.  The distinguishing factor that separates them is that Fetish Factory enforces a strict dress code policy in order to attend.  This is to maintain an aesthetic and communal environment where guests will be at ease.  Tickets are $20 at the door, with the proper attire of rubber, leather, vinyl, uniforms, Victorian, kinky drag, fetish glam, or anything corresponding the the particular party’s theme.   The admission price is comparable for any fetish event, with advanced tickets available for half and ¾ price.


“So tell me what’s your fetish?”
“Well, it’s hard to say because I like pretty much everything.”
“Okay, well, what’s weird, that you really like, or not normal?”
“Well, I don’t know, because I don’t consider anything I like to be abnormal.”

The conversation then moved to ass play and bestiality with two of the participants heralding the joys of the first as another disagreed and one admitting she has enjoyed pornography showcasing women interacting with dogs, and another openly admitting she would engage in such activities but only if the dog was willing and initiated it.The male speaker who professed he didn’t deem anything off limits previously, adamantly declared he would never consider sex with an animal, with much applause from his friends.

SO!  Miami!  Before we jump right into talking “dirty” walking around your personal fantasy, we should talk about the things I think are important precursors.  One of the things that initially impressed me with all of you was the amount of respect I witnessed you display for each other, and for yourselves regarding intimate interactions.  This is the first and foremost building block of any positive relationship, no matter how casual or serious it may become. Considerate communication is the best tool you have to understanding and key to building anything with real substance.  To correspond effectively in a meaningful way should also include honesty.  First, be honest with yourself, know your feelings, boundaries, and limits.  Then tell your partner!  No one should be expected to be a mind-reader.  One of the best ways to bond with anyone is to talk about what you like, what you don’t like, what you want, can’t stand, and what you could and couldn't offer.  Any fetish “player” has a safe word to indicate when they need their partner to stop the session because they have had enough.  It’s always a good idea to know what is safe and what isn’t in any situation.

My hope is that this can be an interactive column where anyone can feel free to share and inquire. I’d love to hear from everyone face to face if you see me out and about or via email or Facebook. The first things I’m curious about are what FETISH means to you, and how important is sex?

Your feedback is encouraged! Plus more information, any questions or concerns regarding any of the above topics is available by contacting me or Shawna Shotts on Facebook.

 Strictly, the first fetish fundamental is, whatever you require for sexual fulfillment.  More loosely, it is whatever you like, a lot.  It could be any object or idea, potent potential, garnering amazement or erotic reverence.

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